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NIIT Full Form

NIIT Full Form – What is the Full Form of NIIT

What is NIIT Full Form? NIIT Full Form:- The National Institute of Information Technology. NIIT is one of the most recognized and valued global institutions that provide its...
bds full form

BDS Full Form – What does BDS stand for?

What does BDS stand for? BDS Full Form is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This is an undergraduate course in the field of Dentistry. BDS degree deals with...
bpl full form

BPL Full Form What is the full form of BPL – Fullformr

BPL Full Form is Below Poverty Line. This term is associated with Indian and is the economic benchmark or poverty threshold applied by the Indian government. This is to refer to the...
nato full form

NATO Full Form – What Does NATO Stand for?

What does NATO stand for? NATO Full Form is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO is established under the North Atlantic Treaty. The North Atlantic Treaty was made...