ims full form

IMS Full Form |What is the Full form of IMS and Meanings?

Full-Form IMS And Meanings IMS Full Form is Integrated Management Systems. IMS is a unique business organizing and management system that allows various and different formalized working sections...
uti full form

UTI Full Form | What is the Full Form of UTI And Meaning?

Full-Form UTI And Meanings UTI Full Form is Unit Trust of India. UTI is a leading, popular, and trustworthy financial organization in India. Investment in this organization is...

NRC Full Form | What is the Full Form of NRC in India

What is Meaning of NRC NRC Full Form is the National Register of Citizen Bill. NRC is a registrar which is Show who is an Indian citizen and...
MHRD Full Form

MHRD Full Form | What is The Full Form of MHRD?

Full Form MHRD MHRD Full Form:- Ministry of Human Resource Development. M.H.R.D is made on 26 September 1985 under the government of India. Now,...
Sat full form

SAT Full Form | What is the Full Form of SAT in EXAM?

Full Form of SAT And Meanings SAT Full Form is The Scholastic Aptitude Test. SAT is a standardized exam conducted in the United States for students to qualify...