EVM: Electronic Voting Machine

EVM Full Form, what is EVM, what is the meaning of EVM, What is the full form of EVM. If you are searching for the answer to this type of question then read this post. In this post, I am giving information about how to use the EVM machine. How to work EVM Machine?

EVM Full FormElectronic Voting Machine
EVM Full Meaning in Hindiइलेक्ट्रॉनिक वोटिंग मशीन
EVM full form in marathiइलेक्ट्रॉनिक मतदान यंत्र

Our country India is a democratic country, a country where the government is elected by the people. Elections are held in our country from time to time to choose a government and the responsibility of holding elections is made by the Election Commission.

For the first time in India, the election took place between 25 October 1951, i.e. nearly four months of that election process brought India to a new position and put themselves in the line of declared democratic country of the world.

From 1951 to 1998, only the Ballot Box was used for election in India. In the election process from the ballot box, a special paper was to be marked in the ballot box by marking the election symbol of his favorite candidate.

After 1998, the ballot box used to go down in the elections gradually because it took a lot of time to count votes, the cost of ballot papers was also very high and fake voting was also done.

Therefore, keeping in mind all of these things. The Election Commission of India introduced EVM, which resulted in corruption. votes counting time, election expense too low. Let us know about the EVM full form and how EVM Machine works.

What is EVM

EVM Stands for “Electronic Voting Machine”. The invention of India’s first EVM machine was “M.B. Hanifa “, which he had registered on October 15, 1980as” Electronic Vibrated Voting Machine”.

Who invented EVM Machine?

In 1989, the Election Commission of India launched the EVM machine in collaboration with ‘Electronic Co-Operation of India Limited’, and after some time the Election Commission choose two big electronic companies for its work.

How Did the Invention of EVM Machine Happen?

In 1989, the Election Commission of India launched the EVM machine in collaboration with ‘Electronic Co-Operation of India Limited’, and after some time the Election Commission choose two big electronic companies for its work.

These are two companies-

Bharat Electronics Limited– Bangalore-based India Electronics Limited works under the Government of India, and mainly prepares electronics materials for the Indian Armed Forces.

Electronic Corporation of India- Hyderabad based E.C.I.L. is also under the Government of India and works for the ‘Department of Atomic Energy’.

The first EVMs in India were used in some polling booths in the bye-elections of Kerala’s North Paravur assembly constituency in 1998.

EVM Design and Technology


Every EVM machine has 2parts – the first part is the balloting unit (the voting unit) and the second part is the control unit.

The first part is that the balloting units are for the voters and the second part is control unit polling officers.

These two parts of EVM are connected to a five-meter-long wire. The balloting unit would have been placed in such a place where no voter could see it while casting his vote.

Whenever a voter comes to vote, the voter sitting near the control unit suppresses the ballot bottom, after which the voter will vote on the polling booth by pressing the candidate’s name and the button in front of the election symbol.

EVM Working Process

It is not possible to vote more than once by pressing the button of the EVM machine repeatedly because after pressing the button given in front of the name of a candidate in the polling station, the machine closes and the ballot is stopped by the voting officer. The button does not press the ballot but by then the vote cannot be made.

Visa Full Form

If a person pressed two buttons at once, then his vote is not recorded. Thus EVM machine ensures the principle of “one person, one vote”.

EVM runs with a simple battery of 6 volt i.e. it is easily used in places where there is no electricity, as well as due to low voltage, EVMs are not afraid of any electrifying electric shock.

A maximum of 3840 votes can be recorded in an EVM and an EVM can be named for the maximum 64 candidates. In a “voting unit” 16candidate are named and one such EVM can be added to 4 units.

Some interesting facts about Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

  • For the first time in the 2004 general elections, voters from all over India voted through EVMs.
  • When the machines were purchased in 1989-90, the cost of an EVM was 5500 rupees.
  • In India, EVMs are procuring in Nepal, Bhutan, Namibia and Kenya.
  • Here is a six-volt alkaline battery inside every EVM that keeps the machine running even when there is no electricity.
  • An EVM can register a maximum of 3840 votes. Generally, there are no more than 1500 voters on any polling booth.
  • For the first time in every EVM, the last button ’Nota’ or None of the names above’ will be ‘None’.
  • Within 10 years, the results can be kept safe within the EVM.

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