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What does ID stand for?

ID Full Form is Identity Document. ID refers to any sort of document that helps to determine the identity of an individual. It also provides detail about the various aspects of that individual’s individuality. IDs are used to separately recognize a person from the midst of billions of human beings. A typical identity document includes the name of the bearer, his address, his birth details, his parental recognition, his contact number, his photograph, and an identification number.

Abbreviations of ID

IDIdentity Document
Full Form ID In Hindiपहचान पत्र
Full Form id in the computerIdentification

Some documents also include racial, ethical, and professional identification of the bearer. Most of the identity documents come in a small shape like a credit card. These are a call to ID Cards. IDs, that include photos of the bearers. IDs are necessary for various social and professional operations. Opening or closing a bank account, registering at an educational institution, registering as a voter, applying for a driving license and passport, or any other social and formal operations are the fields of use of an ID.

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Most countries accept passports as a valid ID. Indian government started a unique initiative in 2007. This initiative provides Indian citizens with a single and multipurpose ID. These IDs are validated by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) and these contain biometric data, birth detail, the address of the holder. Each of these cards identifies each person separately with the help of a unique 16 digit code that varies from person to person.


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