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What is Full Form IRDP

IRDP Full Form is The Integrated Rural Development Program. IRDP, launched in 1978, is a program that intends to avail a specific group of poor people like small farmers, agricultural laborers or artisans of rural areas with self-employment opportunities.

Meanings of IRDP

IRDPIntegrated Rural Development Program
Full Form of IRDP In Hindiएकीकृत ग्रामीण विकास कार्यक्रम

This program mainly introduces to raise the income-generation capacity of those people so that they can have a good standard of social lifestyle, and earn a respectable position in the social hierarchy.

This program helps rural people to get over the poverty line. It provides a subsidy to those targeted people for agricultural and small-business causes. It provides 25% subsidy to small farmers, 33% subsidy to marginal farmers, agricultural labors and rural artisans. IRDP 50% subsidy to the families and persons belonging to SC/ST caste specifications and physically handicapped specifications.

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This program, thus, gives immense opportunity to elevate income and the social standards by providing the number of opportunities for self-employment or to expand an existing business. It also provides bank capital and training to update and upgrade individual skills. This program was more strengthened. It was made more effective since merged with another rural development and self-employment program. Its name Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana ( SGSY) in 1999. This is indeed an effective program that ensures social development on a wide scale.

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