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NATO Full Form – What Does NATO Stand for?

nato full form

What does NATO stand for?

NATO Full Form is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO is established under the North Atlantic Treaty. The North Atlantic Treaty was made during the cold war in order to safeguard the freedom of the North Atlantic Community.

NATO was created by the United States, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands France, Denmark, Canada, and Belgium. As the years went by, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Slovakia, and many other nations joined the organization.

Abbreviations of NATO

NATOGross Domestic Product
Full Form of NATO In Hindiउत्‍तरी एटलांटिक संधि संगठन

By the year 2009, there were twenty-eight members in NATO. The headquarters of this organization is in Brussels, in the country of Belgium.

The North Atlantic Council is the highest organ of NATO. The function of this council is to make policies as well as to supervise the military and civilian agencies. The head of the council is the secretary-general of NATO. The Military Committee comes under the council and can meet at the level of permanent representatives or chiefs of staff. Its headquarters in Washington DC.

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NATO is divide into Allied Command Operations and Allied Command Transformation. The former directs the forces of NATO in times of war. It also controls all seas, air, and land operations. The latter has the function of making recommendations related to the strategic transformation of the forces of NATO.

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