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mri full form

MRI Full Form | What is the Full Form of MRI in Medical?

Full Form MRI And Meanings MRI Full Form is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is an imaging technique used by physicians in order to diagnose the internal organs to...
Sat full form

SAT Full Form | What is the Full Form of SAT in EXAM?

Full Form of SAT And Meanings SAT Full Form is The Scholastic Aptitude Test. SAT is a standardized exam conducted in the United States for students to qualify...
MHRD Full Form

MHRD Full Form | What is The Full Form of MHRD?

Full Form MHRD MHRD Full Form:- Ministry of Human Resource Development. M.H.R.D is made on 26 September 1985 under the government of India. Now,...

NRC Full Form | What is the Full Form of NRC in India

What is Meaning of NRC NRC Full Form is the National Register of Citizen Bill. NRC is a registrar which is Show who is an Indian citizen and...
uti full form

UTI Full Form | What is the Full Form of UTI And Meaning?

Full-Form UTI And Meanings UTI Full Form is Unit Trust of India. UTI is a leading, popular, and trustworthy financial organization in India. Investment in this organization is...