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ims full form

IMS Full Form |What is the Full form of IMS and Meanings?

Full-Form IMS And Meanings IMS Full Form is Integrated Management Systems. IMS is a unique business organizing and management system that allows various and different formalized working sections...
MCA full form

MCA full form | What is the Full Form of MCA in Education?

Full Form MCA MCA Full Form Master of Computer Application or Ministry of Corporate AffairsMCA Full Form In Hindiकंप्यूटर अनुप्रयोग के मास्टर MCA is...

MS FULL FORM | Meaning of MS Full Form in Education

MS FULL FORM IN ENGLISH Full-Form of MSMASTER OF SCIENCEMS full form in Hindiविज्ञान के मास्टरMS full form in medicalMaster of surgeryMaster of...

EVM Full Form | EVM Meaning in Hindi

EVM: Electronic Voting Machine EVM Full Form, what is EVM, what is the meaning of EVM, What is the full form of EVM. If you are searching for...