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Full Form of UTP

UTP Full Form is Unshielded Twisted Pair cable. UTP cable is a common and popular kind of copper wiring mainly used in telephone communication and modern Ethernet networks.

In such wiring, two unshielded wires are used and those wires stay twisted around each other. UTP cables are usually made with such copper wires that are measured at 22 or 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge).

Meanings of UTP

UTPUnshielded Twisted Pair
UTP form In Hindiरक्षाहीन व्यावर्तित युग्म

This type of wiring almost neutralizes the possibility of crosstalk or any external EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference). A UTP cable wiring consists of multiple pairs and each of them is uniquely color-coded. Blue/white, orange/white, white/blue, white/orange are some of the typical color-coding that can be noticed in almost every UTP cable. Extensive use of UTP cable can see in LAN (Local Area Networks) and telephone systems. There are seven categories of UTP. Category 7 is the most efficient among them.

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It functions at length up to 100 meters and provides data rate up to 10 Gbps. But such cables have some limitations too. It does not offer high bandwidth or good performance related to interference protection as the fiber optic cables do. But, as UTP cables are relatively less expensive and easy to work with. These cables are widely popular and use in almost every type of telephone communication and Ethernet service.

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